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Headshot and Portrait Photographer
Aisha Butler...

Aisha Butler is a headshots and portrait photographer based in beautiful Baltimore City, Maryland.  She’s the wife of Jeff Butler, a long time and well known photographer in the area.  She’s also the mother of Serena, her pride and joy...and proud Nani (grandmother) of her princess Amelia.

As the eldest of 5 children born to the late Bishop Gorham and Lady Gorham, faith became a very important part of Aisha’s life at an early age.  Desiring a career in theater, then in television, and eventually in real estate, Aisha had the faith she could do anything she put her mind to.  However, it was in photography that her faith took root leading her to 14+ years in the arts. She is living a dream she had never dreamed of.

“Try new things” is a message Aisha has shared in the classes she and Jeff designed for models and photographers in Baltimore.  In sharing her own experience, she urged them to give opportunity to things they had never dreamed of doing.   It had taken Jeff 3 years to convince her to even touch a camera.  However, in the moment she did, something sparked inside of her.   Within a week's time,  Jeff had given Aisha her first camera, she purchased additional equipment, and started photographing her family, friends, and co-workers.  If it wasn’t for that moment that she gave in and tried something new, she would tell you she wouldn’t be a portrait or headshots photographer today or in position of being able to serve you.
Over the years, Mr and Mrs Butler have received awards of recognition for their work in the Baltimore area, numerous nominations, and ultimately, an amazing extended family of clients, artists, and businesses.

As it happened with photography, Aisha is now embracing her purpose through expanding with and beyond the camera.  As a budding author, she has 3 books in development.  As a philanthropist, she’s currently working on 2 outreach programs.  As a legacy builder, she’s creating a business her daughter will inherit and run.  As she nears her 45th year of life, her motto for herself and for others continues to ring loud.  Try New Things!!!

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